Casino Gambling Etiquette Tips

Casino Gambling Etiquette Tips

There are certain rules and etiquette to follow when playing at a casino. For example, you should never watch another player’s back while playing video poker. It’s creepy and annoying. You also shouldn’t give a player a hate stare or offer to tell them how to play the game. It’s also inappropriate to offer advice or tips unless you have proof of your claims. And finally, you should never give a dealer your money without first exchanging chips.

You may be a seasoned gambler, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things the right way. The following casino gambling etiquette tips can help you avoid angering other players and casino staff. Many of these rules are simply common sense – don’t slow down the game or take someone’s drink, for example. It’s not necessary to be a social butterfly at a casino – you can still win big if you follow some basic casino etiquette.

The same etiquette applies to tipping the dealer at a casino. While you are not required to do this, it’s courteous to do so, especially if you’re returning to the same dealer. Besides, casinos can’t kick you out if you don’t tip them. But it’s nice to leave them a small tip to maintain a friendly atmosphere. And you don’t have to leave a tip every time you play; a few dollars per game is appropriate.

As far as dress codes go, you shouldn’t wear anything too casual. If you’re too casual, you might receive a snide glance. Worse yet, you might even be denied entrance to the casino altogether if the dress code is too strict. Men should wear collared shirts and women should wear dressy blouses. Likewise, women should avoid wearing torn or dirty clothing. In addition, casinos can have different dress codes during the day.

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