A Few Fun Facts and Details About Roulette

A Few Fun Facts and Details About Roulette

Roulette is a game that has truly stood the test of time. It features a cool spinning wheel, a colourful betting table, and offers the chance to win big. But did you know these fun, real facts about the game? Commit some to memory and the next time you’re playing impress friends with your incredible knowledge.

The Interesting Number Phenomenon

Anyone that pays attention to the bible will know that the number of the beast is supposedly 666. As coincidence would have it the numbers on a Roulette wheel add up to 666. This has resulted in some calling Roulette the Devils Game, but most serious player don’t pay attention to such superstition. Either way, it is an interesting coincidence. There isn’t any word on whether the devil is good at Roulette or not, but we wouldn’t recommend lending him any money, just on principle.

No Drinks Here

It is acceptable to have a drink while playing Craps or Blackjack, but some consider it rude to have a drink at the Roulette table. There isn’t any logical reason for this, accept maybe that Roulette players tend to be a little more animated. Perhaps the idea is to avoid knocking over other players drinks. Thankfully,when playing at online casinos like Black Lotusyou can drink whatever you want. Who is going to say otherwise?

Lucky Number 17

According to statistics the most played number on the table is 17. Most assume that it is because 17 is the exact centre of the layout. On the other hand, it could have something to do with a certain spy. 17 is the number that James Bond actor Sean Connery played in 1963. Or, to be precise, he played 17 repeatedly, winning in a streak that astonished onlookers. He bet on 17 a total of 8 times, winning 5 of the bets. That means that Connery beat odds of around 50,000:1.

The story sounds too good to be true, but was confirmed by numerous onlookers. Handsome, a spy, and very lucky. Did anything ever go wrong for Connery?

Probability Is Amazing

Keeping in mind the Connery story above, the Rio Casino in Las Vegas recorded an instance of the number 19 hitting a total of 7 consecutive times. In the story above it hit 5 times, putting emphasis on just how lucky Connery was. In the case of the Rio Casino the odds of 19 hitting 7 times are around 1 in 3 billion. On that same note, a casino in Bristol recorded the colour red hitting an insane 36 times in a row. Bizarre, but true.

Betting It All On Red

Lastly we have the true story of Ashley Revell. In 2004 the United Kingdom resident is known to have walked into a casino and put his life savings on red. The amount was an incredible $135,300. In this case luck smiled on Revell, allowing him to double the winnings to $270,000. A bold move, though perhaps not an entirely smart one. Thankfully he cashed out immediately and went home a winner.

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