How to Spot Casino Fraud

How to Spot Casino Fraud

When you are a casino player, you want to be sure that you are a safe bet and that you can always trust the company you are playing at. However, there are some frauds that you may want to watch out for.

Multiple account fraud

Many casino attacks are based on the creation of multiple accounts. These may be accidental or intentional. Regardless of the reason, players should be aware that these fraudulent accounts are used to rig the outcome and steal your hard-earned money.

Generally speaking, the most important thing to understand about this fraudulent activity is that it is not a new concept. Fraudsters are constantly finding creative ways to exploit the system.

For example, scammers use device farms to rig poker games. They also have access to stolen credit card information. When a player tries to top up his account with these fraudulent funds, the payment processing provider can cancel the contract.

It’s not surprising that the world of online gambling is plagued by multi-accounting. While some players open up more than one account, others intentionally open up dozens or even hundreds of fake accounts to defraud the casino.

Baccarat false shuffle scam

Baccarat fraud has increased over the last few years. It usually occurs at high limit tables. But it’s not limited to casinos. Some casino employees have been caught cheating at casinos all over the world.

The most notorious baccarat fraud is the “False Shuffle Camera” scam. This cheating scheme is estimated to have cost casinos at least $100 million this century.

Casino fraud with the Baccarat False Shuffle Camera involves the use of a miniature camera rigged into a portable video storage device. A crooked baccarat dealer uses the device to capture the sequence of cards before the cards are dealt in the shoe.

The cheating ring was operated in the US and Canada from 1994 to 1999. The organization recruited players and dealers and coached them on how to cheat. They used secret codes and aliases to evade detection.

CNP fraud

Card-Not-Present fraud (CNP) occurs when a criminal uses stolen credit card information to make a purchase. In many cases, the fraudster may create multiple accounts to take advantage of promotions or bonuses.

This type of fraudulent behavior can be difficult to detect. The best way to protect your business from CNP is to use multi-factor authentication. However, this method is not foolproof.

In addition to protecting your casino, you need to ensure that you are complying with state and federal regulations. You must also meet age verification requirements. If you are dealing with a large number of chargebacks, you could find yourself in a high-risk merchant category. This category can cause penalties and increase processing costs.

Fraudsters use data breaches to steal information. They can then impersonate individuals and take over existing accounts. Or they can sell the stolen credentials on the Dark Web.

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