How Casino Security Has Changed

How Casino Security Has Changed

Since casinos first opened their doors, casino security has undergone a number of changes. New threats and technologies have ushered in new measures to protect guests. Casino security teams take their work seriously and do everything possible to protect patrons. The following are some of the latest changes in casino security.

Changing threat landscape: The security landscape has become more global over the past decade. The most common threats now include ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and theft of customer data. In particular, casino hacking is a major concern as these databases contain high-quality personal data. Once stolen, this data could easily end up on the dark web, giving hackers access to sensitive information. This could cost casinos millions of dollars and erode the reputation of the industry.

The technology in modern casino security is far more advanced. For example, the Wynn Las Vegas recently invested in technology that allowed it to monitor its parking lots and guest rooms. The system enables the casino to quickly react to incidents. It can even help employees report security concerns before they become widespread.

The latest innovations in casino security are meant to make the casino a more difficult target for robbers. Even if they have a strong security team, few robberies are successful these days. Most of the casino’s security cameras capture every movement, and any robber who does make it out of their reach is quickly caught by the police.

Using advanced video analytics, the gambling industry is now implementing advanced surveillance solutions. The latest technologies allow casinos to detect suspicious vehicles and identify blacklisted individuals using license plate recognition. The software also enables casino security staff to monitor visitors to check their IDs. It also allows casino management to share information with other gambling establishments. Further, advanced video analytics can be used to investigate security incidents.

The casino industry is notorious for bad actors, and it is inevitable that an attack will occur. However, the time at which a casino is able to respond to an attack is important. The faster an organization responds to an attack, the better its chances of recovering and resuming business.

Modern security systems also use facial recognition and license plate reading software to keep tabs on suspicious patrons. The software compares the images to a database of people who have tried to defraud casinos. However, facial recognition has not proven to be effective yet, as most people move too quickly for the system to scan them. However, it may have a larger role in the future.

A casino must also maintain strict rules for a safe environment. For example, employees should not hold a chip in their hand while playing poker. Casinos must also check licenses for their employees.

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