10 of the World’s Most Unusual Casino Buildings and Architecture

10 of the World’s Most Unusual Casino Buildings and Architecture

Casinos offer an entertaining journey, but not all casino buildings are created equal; some stand out as must-visits simply for their architectural beauty.

This casino in La Seyne, France was designed to evoke the atmosphere of docks and warehouses that once lined its shores. From certain angles it even appears similar to a ship!

1. Luxor Las Vegas

The Luxor Las Vegas is perhaps one of the world’s most impressive casino buildings due to its architecture and design. Boasting a pyramidal shape with an eye-catching skybeam visible for hundreds of miles around it and several rooms which have witnessed unnatural deaths over its history, its architectural qualities may make it the subject of speculation among casino experts.

The rooms’ atypical points of compass disorient visitors and cause them to get lost in a labyrinth of staircases, escalators, and “inclinators” connecting the lobby and casino floor with exhibits throughout the main atrium. Their backstage areas evoke images of an 18th-century prison or insane asylum.

Visitors who stay at this hotel often report feeling like their lives are under siege and like they’re being choked to death. Additionally, guests have reported seeing a mysterious blonde woman often in one or more bedrooms of the hotel but have never identified her. Since its construction, numerous workers at this establishment have died unexplained deaths or committed suicides – an unfortunate trend at an already struggling business.

2. Casino La Seyne

Casinos spend billions to attract punters with extravagant designs that draw them in, yet some buildings surpass all others when it comes to impressiveness. Here are 10 of the world’s most noteworthy casino buildings from their exterior patterns to gaming room layouts and more.

This fascinating construction stands along the sea and captures the spirit of old shipyards, docks and grid warehouses that once lined La Seyne-sur-Mer. Additionally, this complex features an outstanding leisure craft marina, newly landscaped public park and an old drawbridge – an alluring combination.

The exterior of this building resembles a cloak that conceals its tiered and sectioned interior, creating the image of an old ship docked nearby; reflecting its mixed programme which includes both casino and theatre entertainment.

3. Casino and Hotel Ovalle

Limari Valley Casino Complex of Chile Located in Chile’s Limari Valley, this casino serves several functions with its innovative design. Refurbishing an existing casino, adding theater performances and connecting to an adjacent four-star hotel via transparent walkways suspended above street level are just a few examples of how its innovative architecture accomplishes multiple purposes at once.

Patrick Turner and Josefina Vergara’s impressive building takes the form of six separate but interconnected blocks that appear to blend together, boasting walls and ceilings made of aluminum composite materials for walls, making this structure look both vintage and modern at once – as if built during two different eras!

Although built in an urban area, this casino was designed with environmental preservation in mind. This goal was accomplished using a mirrored facade which gives the appearance of being part of the surrounding environment; also evident is how seamlessly integrated into gardens it is.

4. Morpheus Hotel

The Morpheus hotel, designed by ZHA, is the newest addition to Macau’s City of Dreams integrated resort. Boasting 770 guest rooms and suites as well as civic spaces, gaming rooms, lobby atrium, restaurants, rooftop pool and other ancillary services and facilities – The Morpheus is sure to become one of the region’s premier landmarks!

This hotel building boasts a distinctive shape inspired by traditional Chinese jade carving techniques and is punctured by three holes that create voids within its exterior wall that provide views to both interior communal spaces as well as city beyond.

The curving facade enlivens internal public areas, giving corner suites views of both the internal atrium and city from glass elevators. Furthermore, this design maximises room distribution using high performance glazing that reduces solar gain while cooling without air conditioning; Isometrix was challenged with creating custom luminaires to illuminate all these shifting forms in its exoskeleton voids and forms with its lighting designs – an intricate task indeed!

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